Project - YESAB Assessment

In February 2016, the Executive Committee of the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) referred the proposed Casino Project to a Panel Review; the first in the territory’s history.

YESAB’s Panel Review is the highest level of environmental and socio-economic assessment in the Yukon.

That same year, YESAB issued its Environmental and Socio-economic Effects (ESE) Statement Guidelines, which were revised and issued in September 2023. These guidelines outline all the information Casino must submit in its ESE Statement, which is targeted for submission in 2024. After Casino submits its ESE Statement, YESAB will determine whether it meets the requirements set out in the guidelines. If so, YESAB will draft the Terms of Reference for the Panel and appoint the Panel members.

Once the Panel is established, it will lead a technical analysis of the ESE Statement. This ensures that the ESE Statement submitted contains sufficient information in order for the assessment process to move forward. If more information is required, the Panel will issue Information Requests which Casino will have to respond to and satisfy.

Once these steps are complete, the Panel will hold public hearings and ultimately issue a Panel Report and Recommendations.

The Decision Bodies then review the Panel Report and Recommendations and release a Decision Document that either approves, rejects or refers the assessment back to the Panel. The Decision Bodies for the proposed Casino Project are territorial and federal government departments as well as two Yukon First Nations; Selkirk First Nation and Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation.

Once the Decision Bodies have issued their final Decision Documents, Casino can then proceed with the necessary processes for other permits and licenses they require in order to construct, operate and close and reclaim the mine; including a Quartz Mining License from the Yukon Government and a Water License from the Yukon Water Board.