Project - Timeline

Casino anticipates its submission of the Project’s Environmental and Socio-economic Statement (ESE Statement) to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) in 2024.

This ESE Statement submission is an important step in the YESAB Panel Review process.

Since 2016, when the Casino Project was referred to Panel Review by the YESAB Executive Committee, Casino has continued to advance the Project by engaging with affected Yukon First Nations governments and citizens, completing several Traditional Knowledge (TK) and environmental studies, conducting a number of exploration campaigns and finalizing a technical report titled “Casino Project, Form NI 43-101F1 Technical Report Feasibility, Yukon, Canada” with an effective date of June 13, 2022.

This Feasibility Study includes important refinements to many Project components including the site’s tailings and waste management infrastructure, which incorporates improvements identified by the Best Available Tailings Technology (BATT) study completed in 2018 with participation by Yukon First Nations, YESAB and the Government of Yukon, as well as with guidance from Casino’s Independent Engineering Review Panel.

In February 2023, Casino announced the results of an updated study on the potential economic impacts of the proposed Project. This report titled the 2022 MNP Economic Impacts Study incorporates the results of the Feasibility Study and reveals that the proposed Casino Project could generate substantial, multi-generational benefits to Yukoners.


Timeline of Casino history.