Project - Economics

The proposed Casino Project has the potential to offer significant social and economic benefits and opportunities to Yukon governments, communities, businesses and residents including:

  • $11.2 billion to governments in the form of taxes and royalties, including revenue sharing opportunities for Yukon First Nations governments.
  • $44.3 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Project (GDP) and $12.8 billion in wages and salaries over the life of the proposed Project.
  • During each of its 27 years of operation, $1.3 billion to the Yukon’s economy and $1.5 billion to Canada’s GDP annually.
  • Business opportunities for product and service supplier contracts, as well as through joint ventures and other partnerships during the construction, operation, and closure and reclamation phases.
  • Employment, training and trades apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Career development opportunities for skilled trades, professional, and entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Capacity support for community infrastructure, organizations, and initiatives.

According to the 2022 MNP Economic Impacts Study, the proposed Casino Project could generate substantial, multi-generational benefits to Yukoners.

The commercial life of the proposed Casino Mine is 27 years. Approximately 1,400 employees will be required for the peak construction phase and 600 to 700 employees during the proposed mine’s operations phase.