Project - Economics

The proposed Casino mine will offer considerable economic benefits and opportunities to Yukon, including:

  • Revenues to governments in taxes and royalties including revenue sharing opportunities for First Nation governments.
  • Business opportunities for product and service supplier contracts, as well as through joint ventures and other partnerships during the construction and operation phases.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Trades apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Career development opportunities for skilled, trades, professional, and entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Capacity support for community infrastructure, organizations and initiatives.

According to a 2013 Economic Impacts Report, Casino has the potential to generate substantial benefits for the Yukon economy. The total projected impacts of construction and operation to Yukon is $6.4 billion to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), $1.8 billion in tax and royalty revenues, and approximately 600 full-time jobs annually during its proposed 22-years of operations. Total projected impacts are shown in the table below.

Total Projected Economic Impacts from Casino Mine
Wages & Salaries
Federal Tax
Yukon Tax & Royalties &
Provincial Tax
Other Tax
Total Yukon Impacts
Rest of Canada
All of Canada Total

For more information, please view the Economic sections of the project proposal and supplementary information.