Commitment - Research

Research is a core principle of our commitment to provide long-term economic and social benefits not just for the Casino Project, but also other mining projects in Canada.

We continue to actively seek applied research partnership opportunities driven by innovation to advance sound and proven responsible mining technologies and practices.

An example is Casino’s partnership with the Yukon Research Centre at Yukon College to construct laboratory-scale wetlands. The purpose of this project is to better understand how wetlands could naturally remove metals from the water when it comes time for the proposed Casino mine to close. Due to low maintenance and operational costs and high metal removal capacity, constructed wetlands use natural processes to remove metals from water and have been used successfully at mine sites throughout Canada.

The research indicated while the wetlands removed metals from the water, the plants did not uptake the metals, therefore there is no risk of bioaccumulation in the food web.

Casino has also joined the Yukon Mine Research Consortium to develop research leadership to address northern specific challenges and opportunities within the mining industry.

To learn more about Constructed wetlands, please view our Fact Sheet.

In addition, Casino is partnering with Genome BC:

Water Treatment and Copper-hungry Micro-organisms at Casino Creek

Other Casino research partnerships include: