Commitment - Our Commitment

The Casino team is committed to respectful, collaborative relationships and open and transparent communication with governments, individuals, local businesses and communities to help the proposed Casino Project advance and provide social and economic benefits to Yukoners for generations to come.

Casino is firmly committed to the health, safety and well-being of all Yukoners and the preservation of Yukoners’ social, cultural and environmental values throughout the life of the proposed Casino Project.

Decisions made for the Project are guided by the Casino team’s engagement with fellow Yukoners, taking into consideration their needs and priorities.

These core principles guide our efforts to advance the Casino Project through the environmental assessment process, with an approach that benefits Yukon governments, residents, businesses and communities, and aligns with local, national and internationally recognized responsible mining technologies and best practices.

Casino is a proud member of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) standard; a globally recognized sustainability program, which supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social considerations. The TSM’s award-winning program recognizes that socially, economically and environmentally responsible mining:

  • Is essential for the metals needed to power our transportation to the materials required to make communication possible
  • Is essential in our transition to a low carbon economy; one that requires mined minerals and metals to be fully realized
  • Has standards in place to ensure the process of mining is being managed responsibly from start to finish
  • Community engagement

These principles are considered vital to Casino’s existence, progress, and continued development, and are captured in the Casino Cares initiative.