Environment - Tailings Management Facility

Co-disposal of mine waste (waste rock and mill tailings) will be in a tailings management facility to ensure geotechnically sound and environmentally responsible storage. The tailings management facility will be formed from a dam built in the Casino Creek valley and potentially acid generating material will be stored under water, in accordance with best management practices to prevent and manage metal leaching and acid rock drainage.

The tailings management facility will also serve to store water during operations to provide 100% recycling of all collected water to be used in ore processing activities, minimizing the freshwater makeup requirements from the Yukon River. This results in zero discharge to the environment during operations. The tailings management facility is located in the valley to capture all run-off from the mine and mill site, preventing any un-controlled discharges to the environment and allowing drainage to a single point, furthest from the Yukon River.

The company is committed to meeting and exceeding strict industry standard best practices around management of its waste and water. That includes standards set by the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) and the use of proven conventional technology for its Tailings Management Facility (TMF). .

Our commitment for the TMF includes:

  • Physical stability of the tailings dam;
  • Protection of the downstream environment;
  • Restoration of the mine site area; and
  • Consistency with Yukon Government requirements to ensure that long-term active care is not required.

Over and above the CDA standards, Casino has joined the Mining Association of Canada, and will adhere to the Towards Sustainable Mining performance indicators to meet the highest level of accountability, transparency and credibility standards. Casino has also established an Independent Engineering Review Panel (IERP) of international experts to focus on the TMF’s structural stability and integrity. The IERP will provide our team with independent and expert oversight and advice about all aspects of the TMF’s design, construction, operational management, monitoring and its eventual closure.

In addition, Casino has established a TMF Technical Working Group made up of Yukon First Nation governments, territorial and federal agencies and regulators, geotechnical experts and our own team members to receive a broad range of input on the proposed design and operation the TMF.

To learn more about tailings, our proposed TMF and what Casino is doing to ensure the safety of Yukon residents and the environment, please see our TMF FAQ and view our video.