About Us - Our Team

Paul West-Sells

Ken Engquist
Chief Operating Officer

Shena Shaw
VP, Environmental & Community Affairs

Cameron Brown
VP, Engineering

Chandni Kher
Director, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs

The Casino Project is being advanced by an experienced management team, led by company President and CEO Paul West-Sells; COO Ken Engquist; VP, Environmental & Community Affairs Shena Shaw; Vice-President, Engineering Cameron Brown; and Director, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Chandni Kher.

Support for communities and the establishment of strong partnerships are core principles of Casino and the Company is proud to operate with a conscientious and measured approach that reflects the environmental and cultural values of Yukoners.

Casino’s Project team has been selected to provide the best available engineering and science to prepare the Project for a successful environmental and socio-economic assessment, licensing and permitting process, which will allow the Project to proceed to construction, operation, closure and reclamation.

The Project team is tasked with designing the Project so that the protection of the environment is ensured, while providing significant economic and social benefits to Yukon governments, communities, businesses and individuals.

In October 2021, Casino engaged the services of M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation of Tucson, Arizona (M3) to conduct a Feasibility Study of the Casino Project.  M3 is a full-service engineering, procurement and construction management firm recognized for its experience in copper processing and capability in the development and construction of mines and mineral processing plants.

M3 also completed the Preliminary Economic Assessment dated June 22, 2021.  The targeted completion of the Feasibility Study is the second quarter of 2022.